My Philosophy

It is essential that all children possess the adequate skills necessary to be safe in all water environments. The skills taught here are life skills that have been proven to save lives while enhancing the potential for enjoyment of water activities.

I offer a tried and true method of teaching toddlers, children and even adults the critical skills necessary to be safe in and around water. My innovative method will absolutely teach anyone the techniques necessary to swim.

Learning to swim does not have to be fun.  It is knowing how to swim that is fun.  The learning process is often difficult and learning to swim is a process.  It must involve breath control, propulsion and floating.  The combination of these skills provides most children with the necessary skills to save his or her life.

There is also no specific point at which a child is magically “ready” to swim, some may never seem ready.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a preschooler who does not want to put his face in the water.  Why would he?  What is fun about not being able to breathe or see clearly?

Readiness is irrelevant.  Many “fun” lessons are either terminated when the child seems uncooperative or go on indefinitely without results.  Often these lessons are inexpensive.  Consider the cost over time, especially if the child takes 2 – 3 years to learn to swim.  If you have water nearby, you do not have the luxury of waiting this long.